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An Exterior Painter’s Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Painting Colors for Your Home

If you are thinking about changing the exterior colors of your home or any other building, then we can help you with that. As an exterior painter, I have dealt with all sorts of interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting projects. So, if you have already decided on the paint and the finish, then it’s time to pick a color and call the painters. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • White. It’s a classic wall and facade color. However, it can be pretty difficult to maintain because everything leaves a good and clearly visible stain. White is just too hard to maintain. Of course, there are modern paint finishes that are pretty resistant to stains, so it won’t be a problem. Also, you can combine it with small amounts of other paints to create a nice creamy color.
  • Yellow. It’s also a pretty good decision for residential buildings. It’s a sunny and warm color that can make your home look more pleasant and induce feelings of happiness. Also, it looks good in combination with various roofing materials and the surrounding plant life.
  • Orange is just as good. It looks fresh and warm and can make a home look sunny even if it’s shaded during the greater part of the day. Also, it creates a carefree and playful atmosphere. That’s why it’s most commonly used in kid’s rooms.
  • Blue. This is a great color but only when used in its lighter shades. Dark blue can be very depressing and nostalgic. Light blue is a good exterior painting option though. If your home is exposed to sunlight throughout the whole day, a cool blue facade can make it look a lot cooler than it is in reality.
  • Green is pretty similar to blue. As an exterior painter, I don’t recommend you use the darker shades. Light green, on the other hand, can be very pleasant and also quite relaxing.
  • Red is not something we recommend for facades and exterior painting. It can be pretty aggressive and stressful. Even looking at it can cause your eyes to ache.

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