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Ask Your Painting Contractor to Apply a Special Paint When You Intend to Stick Decals on Your Walls

Painting ContractorIf you have purchased new decals and are impatient to apply them,, you’d better read this post first. You may find out some really interesting things that you didn’t know about the type of paint you need to apply over the walls and the time that you will need to wait before sticking the decal.

Here are the recommendations of a licensed local painting contractor:

  • If you have used water-based/latex paint to cover the interior walls of the room that you have renovated, it will most probably need about a month to cure. Some homeowners do not have that much time and do it before this 30-day period, but if you want to stick to the recommendations of the professional painters, you’d better wait as long as it is needed in order to achieve long-lasting results.
  • If you have used oil-based paint, decals or other vinyl graphics can be applied within 7-10 days because oil paints dry from the outside in.

These days, it is very unlikely that homeowners use oil-based paint for their interior unless they are painting bathrooms or laundry areas. So in the majority of the cases, no matter how hard it is, you will have to wait longer! If you are not sure that you will apply the decal in the right way, you can ask your painting contractor to help you! If you are working with licensed specialists like O E Angel Painting Inc of Chevy Chase, MD, this should not be a problem! For more tips regarding painting and wall-decoration application, you can always call us at (301) 933-1247!

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